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E-Track Installation

Polar King Mobile Refrigerated Trailers are E-Track Ready.

As an added benefit, all Polar King Mobile Refrigerated Trailers are equipped with wood reinforcement that is specifically intended for the installation of a horizontal E-Track system on both sidewalls. Additionally, tie down rings and other anchoring systems can be utilized on the floor, further enhancing your securing options.

Note: Polar King Mobile does not install E-Track systems or floor anchors. The installation of any secondary accessories is to be completed by dealers or end users.

Note: Do not install E-Track on the front and back walls or the ceiling. Only install E-Track on the protruding sections of the sidewalls.
PKM Interior E-Track

What is E-Track

E-Track is a system or series of mounted steel rails. These rails feature small slots that allow users to anchor or secure cargo or heavy products during transport. E-Track systems come in a variety of sizes and offer several accessories, ensuring that you can find a solution for your specific hauling requirements.

How to install E-Track on a Polar King Mobile Trailer

Polar King Mobile recommends following the E-Track manufacturers’ specifications; however, it is important to ensure the proper fastener length is used to avoid damaging your Polar King Mobile trailer.

  • Wood Reinforcement: 3/4" plywood
  • Fastener: #12 or #14 x 3/4" Wood Screws
  • Fastener Spacing: End holes and every 2-5 holes

Installing Your E-Track System

  1. Gather all tools, fasteners, and wood screws specified by the E-Track Manufacturer.
  2. Locate the raised horizontal section of the sidewall.
  3. Measure the desired length of your E-Track.
  4. Once your measurements are complete, follow the manufacturers spacing requirements and fasten one screw of one end of the E-Track. (Polar King Mobile recommends pre-drilling and putting silicone caulk into the holes before inserting the fasteners to seal the wall penetrations. Take care when installing the fasteners so not to strip the screw threads or wood reinforcement.)
  5. Ensure the E-Track is straight and level and fasten the other end.
  6. Continue until all fasteners are installed. (Polar King Mobile recommends every 2-5 holes.)

Now that your E-Track system has been successfully installed, you can begin to mount your cargo,
products, or other accessories.

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