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Floor Planning

At Polar King Mobile, we understand that a sound financial strategy is a key component of running a business. We understand that dealers cannot afford to fund all their inventory purchases outright, thereby tying up cash that is earmarked for growth or other critical expenses. Leverage our network of floorplan finance partners to maximize your dealership’s buying power and cash flow.

What is Floor Planning?

Floorplan Finance, which is also known as Inventory Finance, is a short-term loan or line of credit collateralized by inventory held at a dealership that allows for the uninterrupted flow of inventory.

Floorplan financing is widely used in the trailer industry and is offered by banks and specialty lenders. Financing is customizable, flexible, and structured as a pay-as-sold program for the trailer industry. With a pay-as-sold structure, dealers make payments as the inventory is sold.

Floorplan financing allows dealerships to maintain higher inventory levels and a wider selection of trailers for customers to choose from, thereby enhancing the customer experience and increasing dealership sales.

Polar King Mobile Floor Planning Partners

Polar King Mobile currently partners with market leaders Northpoint Commercial Finance and Isuzu Finance.

Northpoint Commercial Finance

Northpoint is owned by LBC Capital, a subsidiary of Laurentian Bank of Canada and has offices throughout the United States and Canada. Northpoint was created by floorplan industry veterans highly experienced in forming and managing specialty finance programs in the trailer industry. Their dedicated program team is empowered to make quick credit decisions and their unique flexibility provides a significant advantage in today’s often inflexible environment.

At Northpoint Commercial Finance, they combine years of real-world industry expertise with a personal approach and flexible financing to give businesses better flexible financing options, and a better experience.

Why finance your inventory through Northpoint?

  • 15 months interest only.
  • 100% advance rate on inventory (unlike most banks).
  • Stock optimal inventory levels to drive more sales.
  • Improve cash flow and liquidity.
  • Diversify your floorplan lines of credit.
  • 24/7 access to an online customer system with data and analytics to help manage your business.
  • Work with a best-in-class team of industry experts.

Applying for Floor Planning through Northpoint


You can contact one of Northpoint’s sales representatives directly. Please click on ‘Find A Sales Rep’ that will direct you to Northpoint’s website. From there, in the drop-down options choose ‘Dealer’, then ‘Trailer’ under the industry option, and lastly pick your state.

Isuzu Finance of America

Over 16 years ago, Isuzu Finance of America (IFAI) became the financial partner (or captive finance company) of Isuzu Commercial Truck (ICTA), the official distributor for Isuzu commercial vehicles in the U.S. on behalf of Isuzu Motors Limited.

IFAI was created to offer flexible financing options, exclusive programs and warranties, and exceptional customer service to the highly valued Isuzu dealerships throughout the nation. Our goal is to be the trusted source that dealers turn to for financial options that fit their commercial customers’ needs.

Benefits of Isuzu Finance of America

  • 6 months interest only.
  • No “non-use” fees.
  • State of the art dealer portal.

Isuzu Finance customizes leases and loans to fit today’s business needs. Whether a single truck, trailer, or an entire fleet, we have lease and loan options that keep business moving forward.

Why finance your inventory through Isuzu?

  • 6 months Interest only on new Polar King Mobile trailers.
  • Best compensating retail program in the business.
  • New and improved online floorplan system.
  • Competitive rates, no non-use fees.
  • Large orders are no problem.
  • Finance and lease solutions for your customers as well.
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