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Modifying Your Trailer

Polar King Mobile Unit Modification

All Polar King Mobile units are constructed with a rugged seamless fiberglass design and incorporate foam insulation completely encased in fiberglass, both inside and out. This construction method provides not only superior structural strength it also forms a one-piece unit, eliminating panel seams and joints.

In the event you wish to modify the unit to install aftermarket/non-OEM parts, secondary equipment, or accessories, follow the following instructions and tips.
Drilling Holes in the Unit:
Holes can be drilled anywhere on the walls of the unit.

When drilling holes, utilize the smallest size needed to insert components such as beer tapper lines. We recommend lining the hole with a section of PVC pipe to act as a sleeve and sealing it to the wall. This prevents condensation that can form on the component from entering the wall cavity. 

Note: If you are using a hole saw and your drill bit is not long enough to go all the way through the wall, you can drill a pilot hole all the way through and then drill the larger hole from the inside and the outside.

Insert the components to be installed and seal all the way around with silicone caulking.

Note: When mounting equipment or other components to the fiberglass wall, ensure you mount to the reinforced area of the wall using standard wood fasteners.  The reinforced areas are the door frame and the E-Track reinforcement on the side interior walls. If mounting in non-reinforced areas, use Hillman Jack Nuts or similar hollow wall anchors.

Important: All penetrations in the wall should be sealed with silicone. This will prevent moisture from entering the insulation. When water infiltrates the foam insulation, it lowers the insulation value and reduces the efficiency of the unit, resulting in higher operating costs. The silicone caulking should be rated for use in the low temperature of the walk-in, the ambient outside temperature, and be able to withstand direct UV exposure. It is important to periodically check the integrity of the silicone seal to verify its effectiveness.

E-Track Installation

When you are ready to install E-track on your E-track ready Polar King Mobile trailer, please follow the installation manual to help guide the installation.
E-track Installation
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